Welcome to the Sweet Taste of Success, year 3! This year we are expanding to include some new communities, and continuing to try to improve our existing network.

Here are some things everyone needs to be aware of—

This project is run completely by volunteers, and there are very few to co-ordinate the strawberry delivery project, so it is important that everyone who wants to participate helps by being timely, accurate, and flexible.

The first goal we have to achieve is finding out how many plants each community is requesting. Then we plan on how to get the plants to you. The method is this:

  • Interested principals and teachers introduce the program to the school. On the web-site there are PowerPoint presentations to use in assemblies or classrooms.
  • Interested youth get an adult sponsor and they both sign a Gardening Contract (copies on the web-site) and turn it in to the school coordinator.
  • The school coordinator makes a master list and e-mails it to: BorealGardeningProject@gmail.com before March 1.
  • In March, based on the responses we have, we will plan a distribution route (or two) and inform participants of where their drop-off point will be. We cannot drive to every community, so dropping/meeting points will be established along the route.
  • Sometime near the end of April, we will finalize a schedule. This can’t be done earlier because we have to wait for the earth to tell us when the season will start this year. As soon as we have a good idea of the last frost (probably early May) we will set the schedule and advise you.

Be a part of building the north. Be a part of the solution. 

Register your school and students today and enjoy the Sweet Taste of Success next harvest, and the one after that, and after that, and after that….…

 The Northern Gardener Creed

I, _______________ will,

Prepare the soil and place the plants,

Weed and water,

And watch them grow,

And wirte what I learn and pass it on,

So everyone will know.

 Then I will harvest and make next year's plan, to grow again and protect the land,

That puts the food into our hands.


Help the "Grow North" project and learn how to grow your own Healthy Food!


Why not?

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